Spreading and Species Numbers

About 40.000 species are described worldwide. Every year some hundred new species are described, so one can assume a total of 50 to 60.000 existing species. But it is also possible, that the real existing number is about twice as high, concerning results of fogging and other collecting technics in the rain forests. About 1100 species are known to occur in Central Europe, in Germany alone about 850 species are known. Species numbers increase from North to South, as most species are thermophilous. But there exist boreal and alpine species also. The family Miridae holds the most species in the temperate regions. In the tropical regions the Reduviidae comprise more than 5000 species for example.
Check-lists: An actual list of the bug species of Central Europe (GÜNTHER & SCHUSTER 2000) comprises 1024 species in 36 families. The number of species in the countries of Central Europe is seen in the following survey (for France, only the parts which belong to Central Europe are taken in consideration). Besides the decrease of species numbers from South to North the size of countries and the history of exploration plays an important role.